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Used Cars, Trucks, & SUVs For Sale In Glasgow, KY

Find the perfect low-mileage vehicle for a fraction of the price! At Gillie Hyde Ford Auto, we have plenty of vehicles that are in good condition waiting for you to schedule a test drive. Shop used vehicles of all makes and models at our used car dealership in Glasgow, KY. We're Kentucky's home for great deals on Ford, Chevy, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, & More.

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Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

Anyone on a budget will know that searching for used vehicles is the best way to enjoy something shiny for a much more affordable price. When you have access to the vehicle's Carfax, you can decide for yourself whether or not the asking price is fair. Explore the vehicle's maintenance history and its past owners, and you'll know exactly what you're buying. Used vehicles have also already passed their major period of value depreciation, so you won't be wasting money on a vehicle that won't get you the same returns.  

Enjoy Low Mileage on the Most Popular Models

When you see a mileage count under 30,000 on a vehicle's odometer, you don't have to worry about its age. Even if the vehicle is over ten years old, a low mileage count means there won't be excessive wear and tear. These vehicles are ideal for anyone looking to save big on the most popular models. You'll get all the benefits of a used vehicle, while enjoying the nearly-new quality of its engine and parts. When you explore our low-mileage used vehicles, you'll find gems that will save you thousands compared to their newer counterparts.  

Get Auto Financing near Bowling Green, KY

With Gillie Hyde Ford, you'll enjoy great financial support in Glasgow, KY. Other dealerships might judge you for your credit score alone, and they'll offer interest rates that will suck your bank account dry. Gillie Hyde Ford knows that life events can drastically alter your score, even if you have a great history. We also know that even young buyers with thin histories deserve to buy their favorite vehicle. Even if your credit is poor, we can find favorable terms for you because we work with at least 25 local and national banks. Not everyone is prepared to buy a car when the need arises, so we understand low down payments and the need for affordable interest rates. Don't stress about buying a used low-mileage vehicle Work with Gillie Hyde Ford and make the experience easier than ever.


Contact Gillie Hyde Ford in Glasgow, KY to Learn More About Our Used Low-Mileage Vehicles!

See something you like? You can schedule a test drive by giving us a quick call. All of our low-mileage vehicles are backed by a Carfax, so you won't need to guess at its history. Save big with our low price tags and comprehensive financial assistance. With us, you'll be working with Ford experts who have been operating this family-run business for 65 years. If you're in the Glasgow, KY, area, and you're looking for the perfect low-mileage vehicle, we've got the inventory for you!