Bad Credit

Don't Let Bad Credit History Dampen Your Bright Future

A poor credit history can prevent a lot of honest of people from even considering shopping for a new or used vehicle. The prospect of rejection due to a poor credit score or bad credit history is often too much to overcome. As a result, drivers with poor credit often put themselves at the mercy of private sales, which are rarely guaranteed in terms of both cost and quality of vehicle. Furthermore, few Glasgow car dealerships are interested in taking some of the extra steps that are sometime required when obtaining a bad credit car loan for their customers, because they work with banks who won't consider such applicants.

Luckily, drivers in and around Bowling Green with poor credit can avoid these pitfalls. That's because the Gillie Hyde Auto Group has a close relationship with a network of over twenty lenders throughout the United States, each of whom specializes in obtaining financing for drivers with no credit, bad credit or a history of credit problems. In fact, the Gillie Hyde Auto Groups network of financial institutions can often get drivers with bad credit lower loan interest rates than local banks, complete with reasonable payoff lengths and potentially lower down payments.

Complete our brief online financing application today to see how our team can start working for you. And remember, at Gillie Hyde Auto group, we'll never let a driver's bad credit history act as a barrier to a bright future!

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