Regardless of your credit status, the finance experts at Gillie Hyde Ford can get you started on your auto loan today! Fill out this simple, easy form in just a few minutes to get started on your pre-approval.

Start Working on Your Auto Loan Application Form Today

When you think of applying for an auto loan, you might imagine endless forms and hours spent gathering personal information. We're here to tell you that it's easier than ever before to get started on a pre-approval. With just a few clicks, and a little basic information, we can find you the perfect auto loan in minutes. Your form is completely confidential, and we won't make any hard pulls on your credit. That means it's a consequence-free application, so you don't have to worry about making any big decisions right away. This is just a pre-approval, so we can build our relationship slowly and genuinely.  

Apply Regardless of Credit Status

While it is true that credit status affects your loan, and other dealerships might turn you away if your score is too low. We believe that everyone should have a chance at their dream car, which is why we're ready to work with anyone, regardless of your score. Whether it's Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor, we're able to get you set up with a great loan from a reliable lender.  

Design Your Vehicle Budget with the Perfect Loan

Crafting a budget is difficult without a loan. Paying directly out of pocket can mean settling for a car you don't really want. Setting up a loan can help you plan a monthly payment budget, allowing you to expand your horizons. Keep your eyes set on that dream vehicle--a loan can help you get there!  

Don't Forget About Our Other Finance Tools!

If you still feel stuck, we've got a ton of helpful tools to guide you in the right budgeting direction. Our Value Your Trade tool can give you an approximate value for your current vehicle, making it easier for you to work out a down payment. From there, you can use our Payment Estimator to work out a good monthly payment plan that is best for your lifestyle. Our Finance Center is run by experts who know the auto loan industry inside and out. Should you have any concerns, they'll be able to help!  


Contact Gillie Hyde Ford in Glasgow, KY to Learn How You Can Get Pre-Approved!

Gillie Hyde Ford has been working with customers for decades to help them find the perfect loans. Our family-run dealership focuses on the customer, making sure you feel comfortable from the second you start browsing our inventory. When you finance with Gillie Hyde Ford, you'll have access to over 25 banks ready to offer great loans, regardless of your credit score. Start moving towards that vehicle you've always wanted!