Which Ford SUV is Right for You in Glasgow, KY?

There's a Ford SUV for everyone, whether you're a daily commuter or a family-focused chauffeur. First time drivers and long-time Ford fans alike are sure to find an SUV that fits their every need. But, with so many options, how will you find the perfect Ford SUV? We've compiled a quick and easy-to-digest guide that will walk you through the basics, so you can compare and contrast the features of the most popular Ford SUVs. If you have questions, you can always ask the Ford experts at Gillie Hyde Ford.   For the sake of consistency, we'll be comparing the 2020 models of each SUV, though the basic points should apply to other model years.  

The Ford Escape

The Escape is ideal for families who are constantly on the move. Ford focused on including special safety features, creating an SUV that gives parents confidence. Five-person seating means the Escape is a great mid-size SUV for beginners. Long-time sedan drivers will appreciate the Escape's ability to fit in tight spaces, unlike many other SUVs. However, its size doesn't compromise towing capacity! The Escape still provides all the towing power you may need.  

The Ford Explorer

More adventurous types will love the Explorer for its expansive cargo space and great towing capacity. This SUV is perfect for those who enjoy adventure sports, or frequent campers who need the room to transport gear. Incredible technology and infotainment keeps the Explorer relevant and competitive, while hybrid options allow for drivers to save big on gas mileage. Any nature-lover will adore the Explorer.  

The Ford Edge

If the Edge could be described in two words, it would be "great performance." The Edge has five-person seating and an abundance of cargo space, but a powerful engine propels it forward to the front of the competition. Incredible technology, like the Ford Co-Pilot 360 suite, allows this SUV to have a cutting Edge. We love the exhilarating driving experience, and are confident you will, too.  

The Ford Expedition

This SUV was crafted specifically for large families. You don't need a minivan in order to seat eight people, and the Expedition provides ample room for both adults and children in the third row. The Expedition has enough cargo space for you to expect an echo in the cabin. You'll also love the numerous cubbies and storage spots that make the Expedition ideal for long drives with the family. Backseat entertainment and top-notch safety features make the Expedition incredible for large groups.  

Can't Decide? Allow The Experts at Gillie Hyde Ford in Glasgow, KY to Help!

Our Ford experts know these SUVs inside and out. Not to mention, Ford has a few other SUVs that might be ideal for you, like the EcoSport or the Bronco. If you're still unsure which SUV is your favorite after this list, be sure to get in touch with us! We can walk you through the next steps, and you'll be able to test drive any of our available Ford SUVs.